Tilt & Turn Windows

The window that acts like a door - turn the handle 90 degrees to tilt the window and allow air in, or turn it a further 90 degrees and the window opens inwards like a door. The Senator Tilt & Turn Window is a truly versatile system, ideal for many different types of installations - from individual houses to high-spec apartment blocks. Add to that the excellent security, elegant designs and high energy-efficiency and you can see why Senator PVC Tilt & Turn windows are so popular.

Our Windows use only superior quality PVC and glazing to produce Tilt & Turn Windows that combine the best looks with exceptional energy efficiency. Their Tilt & Turn Windows have a U value of 1.4, which exceeds the requirement set out by the Department of the Environment for Irish Building Regulations, and are ‘B’ energy-rated as standard. (Also available in “A” Rated triple-glazed options).

Because they use only the very best fittings available, you’ll find operation of the Senator Tilt & Turn window both smooth and effortless. And because the window can open inwards like a door, you’ll find cleaning the outside of your windows so much easier.



Your home is your castle and the place where you keep your most treasured possessions. Choosing the right frames and hardware for your windows and doors will increase the security of your home, without compromising on style. Senator Tilt & Turn Windows are all fitted with our high security multi-point locking mechanisms, which have been proven to exceed the latest performance requirements of the Industry.

Very importantly, the Senator Tilt & Turn window also meets strict fire and safety regulations. The side-opening function allows the window to be used as an effective fire escape, which complies with Irish Building Regulations. *
* Source of data: Department of the Environment, Building Regulations 2006

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